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    Clarke Executive Services Group

    Who We Are

    Clarke Executive Services Group is an operational management, organizational design, and business team services firm specially created to work with established small- and mid-sized companies that are currently successful but don’t have the infrastructure, organization or fully-efficient team support to get them to the next levels of success.

    What We Do

    Founded by Eunice Joshua Clarke in 2013 (formerly The Executive Advantage Virtual), Clarke began as a virtual services company that worked with small business owners in need of talented professionals to manage projects and operational business areas. Today, Clarke has expanded into a full-service operations management consulting firm with a specialization in assembling remote operational teams to help companies run more efficiently. Each Clarke Team Member is a specialist in their field. Depending on a client’s needs, Clarke Teams usually consist of 4 to 5 individuals who work in executive services (COO’s, CEO’s, CFO’s CPA’s), project management, digital marketing strategy and management, human resources and payroll, accounting, online business management, and office management. On the operational management consulting side, teams are assigned to companies that focus on assessment, strategy, development, planning, organization, policy, procedures, and systems.

    Did you know that annually, more than half of new businesses in the U.S. fail within the first few years? One of the primary reasons is that many companies don’t manage the operational areas of their business or have the right team to run them efficiently. That’s why Clarke works with companies needing and wanting infrastructure, growth, and sustainability.

    How We Work

    Our operational management and organizational design teams not only focus on how to manage businesses but also how to sustain business efficiency long-term. Our teams assess, diagnose, and implement solutions that improve business performance and operational costs. And because we help established small and mid-sized businesses remotely, we have created solutions that cost companies a fraction of what most operational management consultant companies charge.

    Clarke Executive Services Group is the complete operational support firm that is the RIGHT CHOICE for long-term success!

    Operational Management Consulting


    The advantage of working with Clarke is simple. While other operational management and team service firms may specialize in what they do, Clarke Executive Services Group looks at how your entire operational structure runs: from the view of each team member to the structure, processes and systems that are put in place. Our tactics help find the most optimal solutions for operational efficiency.

    Operational Management Consulting Firm


    Clarke Executive Services Group’s mission is to empower every business with cost-effective and scalable operational, organizational and team solutions for long-term success.