We assess, plan and implement solutions that significantly improve overall business and team performance.

Who We Are

Clarke Executive Services Group is an operations consulting and team services & support firm specially created to work with established companies,  non-profit organizations and funded startups that are currently successful but don’t have the infrastructure, organization, systems or fully efficient team support to get them to the next levels of success.

What We Do

Founded by Eunice Joshua Clarke in 2013 (formerly The Executive Advantage Virtual), Clarke began as a virtual services company that worked with small business owners in need of talented professionals to manage projects and operational business areas. 

Today, Clarke has expanded into a full-service management consulting and team services firm. Each Clarke Team Member is a specialist in their field.

On the operations consulting side, Clarke meets with company and organization leaders who want to focus and improve the overall performance in infrastructure, policies, procedures and systems. On the team services and support side, Clarke has a team of talent specialists that specialize in recruiting, candidate sourcing, HR consulting, training and team building. 

Did you know that almost half of new businesses in the U.S. fail within the first few years? One of the primary reasons is because many companies don’t manage the operational areas of their business or have the right team to run them efficiently. That’s why Clarke works with companies for long-term success.

How We Work

Clarke Executive Services Group works with companies in two primary ways.

First, we have consultants that work directly with the business owner. We do this because the business owner has the best knowledge of what their company’s needs and long-term goals are. Our operational team then conducts an assessment, develops plans and solutions, and finally, implements the plan. Our management consulting teams’ primary focus is daily operations functionality and organizational infrastructure.

Clarke Teams also work with companies to find professional human source solutions and determine team building, delegation, roles, and collaborative leadership within the group. Whether you need to reorganize how your team works together, find new team members to enhance performance and productivity, or need to add an entire operations team to your company, Clarke can provide those services.

The Clarke Business Services Team reviews each company’s Client Discovery Questionnaire to determine the best Business Strategy Consultant to work with your company based on industry and client needs. From there, the Business Strategy Consultant meets with you to discuss what the company’s objectives are and creates an initial plan of action.

Next, a Business Strategy Consultant from Clarke’s Business Services Team sets up meetings to go through the company’s goals and plans for success. Based on the strategic plan created, a Clarke Team is assembled for implementation.

The Clarke Team completes assignments, projects, then delivers reports of what has been accomplished and completed. Follow-up meetings are conducted with companies’ key leaders and the Clarke Team, and future reviews and assessments are scheduled.

Clarke Executive Services Group finds cost-effective and efficient solutions to help businesses grow, thrive, and last.

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The advantage of working with Clarke is simple. While similar firms may specialize in assessment, Clarke Executive Services Group looks at how your entire operational infrastructure runs: from the view of each team member to the structure, processes and systems that are put in place. And then our teams help to identify and implement the most optimal solutions for operational efficiency.


Clarke Executive Services Group’s mission is to empower every business with cost-effective and scalable operational, organizational and team solutions for long-term success.
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