Desiree Allen


Desiree’ Allen, Operations & HR Manager for Clarke Executive Services Group is an advocate for efficiency and seamless operations with a knack for simplifying the complex. With over a decade of experience in Human Resources, Operations, and Team Leadership, Desiree’ has expertise in optimizing workflows while keeping the human element at the forefront of business success.

For Clarke, Desiree’ ensures smooth day-to-day operations, fosters team success, and collaborates closely with the CEO on business development initiatives. Her passion lies in fine-tuning systems and crafting retention strategies that drive operational excellence and help organizations achieve their full potential.

Before joining Clarke, Desiree’ founded GLOSS Strategies, where she provided tailored HR, operations, and administrative services to solopreneurs and small business owners. This experience allowed her to refine her skills in organizational process development, project management, and all facets of human resources, including recruiting.

Desiree’ has also made significant contributions to local non-profits such as Rainbows United Inc. and EmberHope, 

as well as larger institutions like Tabor College in Hillsboro, Kansas. She earned her Master’s in Business Administration at Tabor with a focus on Leadership, underscoring her commitment to continuous growth and learning.

Desiree’ approaches her work with the same philosophy she applies to life: find courage in quiet moments, extend grace to yourself and others, and always seek joy in the details. At Clarke Executive Services Group, she leverages her expertise and passion for people to create environments where teams thrive and businesses reach their full potential.