HR Consulting & Recruiting

Finding the right talent takes a team that looks for people with not only a solid skillset, but a positive mindset.

Clarke offers HR consulting, recruiting and candidate sourcing services that help companies and other organizations build a great team.

HR Consulting

Human Resources is about people. Our HR Team has the experience to find, hire, train and manage talent. Clarke’s HR Team works with companies to streamline HR systems, incorporate guidelines for compliance and onboard new staff.

Clarke is your one-stop-shop human resources center for consulting, managing the best talent and being the most compliant.

Once you hire the people that are a great fit for your company, you need talent managers and consultants to help hire, onboard, manage and protect your team. Clarke’s HR Team includes HR Consultants, HR Administrators, Project Specialists and others that use the latest sourcing tools and technology. We also work with partners regarding compliance, agreements, manuals, and other matters so companies can manage their HR departments well. 

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Recruiting serves as an essential part of any company. More support to a company means growth. Clarke finds, screens, hires and onboardes candidates for clients. Services included in our recruiting services are:

  • Ad writing and online posting
  • Pre-screening candidates
  • Interviewing candidates
  • Preparing and delivering status reports to clients
  • Background checks (client charges apply)
  • Preparing and administering hiring documentation
  • Onboarding hired employees
  • Preparing and distributing any company documentation and guides (i.e., manual)
  • Compliance
  • Talent management consulting 

Candidate Sourcing

When companies are in need of candidates for open jobs, Clarke has a team of candidate sourcing experts that focuses on finding the best qualified people. Clarke’s Talent Sourcing Team searches from top public and private ATS systems and job search boards and platforms, as well as our own database system to find the best candidates. We also have partnerships with other firms and agencies ready to find talent. 

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