Auditing Services

Auditing is the process of the review and evaluation of business data, processes, procedures, teams and other operational systems that are in an organization.

Auditing also includes includes the review of financial records, software, and organizational structures to determine how well a business is being managed internally. Clarke offers a variety of operational auditing services that can zero in on business pain points and suggest solutions for improvement. Please review the services below and contact Clarke to speak with one of our Business Services Specialists.

Operational Audit

Our Operational Audit is thorough. We focus on three main areas of your organization – management, operations and financial – by asking a series of questions created to immediately identify how your business functions. Once the audit is completed, the real work begins. Our Clarke Business Strategy Team reviews the findings and prepares a detailed report. We also determine how we can work with your team to correct and upgrade areas for improvement and efficiency. 

The Clarke Team then meets with the senior executives of each company to create and implement a plan of action.

Mini Business Audit

Clarke’s Mini Business Audit was created as an introductory review for companies that see “at the service” the beginnings of problems in infrastructure, team communication, procedures, financial difficulties and other issues that may be eroding your business core. Results of the mini business audit help company owners get a much clearer understanding regarding the health of their companies and help them decide if a deeper dive into areas of their business are needed. 

business development team

Team Performance Audit

This audit gets to the “heart of the matter” – the team make up of your company. The Team Performance Audit is a review of your team’s responsibilities in the daily operational efficiency of systems, procedures and work. Does your entire team work efficiently or are there team members who don’t complete projects in a timely manner or don’t work well with other team members due to poor communication? The Team Performance Audit can help you build an efficient, effective and professional team.

Website Audit

For most successful businesses, their website is one of the most important marketing tools there is for the business owner. What we’d like to call the modern-day business card, a website is one of the most effective ways you keep current clients up-to-date with the latest about your services and/or products.

Our Website Team looks at several factors that can affect the attraction to your website:

  1. Functionality
  2. User Engagement
  3. Audience Traffic
  4. Overall health and performance of site

Auditing of your business website can also help find any errors and issues that can affect your search engine rankings and security breaches.

Contact Clarke’s Website Services to schedule your audit.